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Beach-Ready Make Up Tips

"We know how difficult it is to have flawless-looking skin when the sea, salt, sun and sand are beating down on you".

The holiday season is right around the corner and with so many of us hitting the beach and the poolside with our favorite friends, family and cozzi’s, we know how difficult it is to have flawless-looking skin when the sea, salt, sun and sand are beating down on you. You’re gonna be swimming and showering an awful lot, and here are our best beach-ready makeup tips and products from our insider makeup professional.

SPF First, Sun Later: Before you apply any makeup, make sure your moisturizer has a built-in SPF. Your foundation might have it too, but we’ll explain why foundation is not always efficient below. Apply your moisturizer and then a thin layer of a super-absorbing SPF (we choose this winner from Clinique). You can even get a non-greasy spray SPF that you can gently spritz on your face after you have applied your makeup. This can be done throughout the day!

Light Foundation: Foundation can be tricky in the sun. We like using a tinted moisturizer instead of a foundation and then following the steps above. If you are dead-set on using foundation, try to find one that is light and long-wear . Powder is a no-no, as it will get cakey, flakey and all kinds of nasty!


Bronzer and Blush, Babe: Well duh, you wanna look sun-kissed before you hit the beach or the poolside. A creamy bronzer or even a blush-stain like this great one from Benefit is a must! The creamy consistency of a bronzer allows for an even application and won’t easily come off in the water. We love this gel bronzer from Givenchy for so many reasons. It’s light and you can easily re-apply it during the day!

No Brainer – Waterproof It: When it comes to mascara and eyeliner, waterproof is a no-brainer. There are so many to choose from with a wide variety of price ranges that you can get anywhere – from pharmacies and supermarkets, to beauty counters and salons. Our top pick is BADgal waterproof mascara and its little sister the BADgal waterproof liner from Benefit. If you’re aiming for a long-lasting liquid or gel liner, you can’t go wrong with Bobbi Brown’s long-wear eyeliner!

Lipbalm over Lipstick: Lipstick or gloss is gonna be a bitch, so opt for something less high-maintenance that also moisturises your lips. We will choose this Bobbi Brown lip balm over any other! Again – if you do feel the need for color, pop some of the Benetint from Benefit on your smooches and apply the balm evenly over it.

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