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Five Spring Make Up Trends You Should Totally Cash In On

"Real mermaid vibes all up in here".

Finally, temperatures have risen and you can start tanning next to the pool. Long Summer nights are just a few weeks away and your Winter clothes have finally been packed away in storage. To warm you up for the new season, we have chosen our favorite makeup trends to take you all the way into Summer 2019.

Aqua Marine: Real mermaid vibes all up in here. We love this combo of cool colors and it’s just perfect for Summer. Pair it with beautiful bronzes, golds and burnt orange accents. Don’t be afraid to play with different shades of blue and green to create the perfect shade. Pay attention to your eye shape to get a look best suited for you. Watch this video by our all-time favorite makeup artist sisters; Pixiwoo to help you along with this look.

Aqua Marine

Holographic Accents: It’s perfect when you’re going for a look that is not too much all over. This holographic perspex liner looks great on a toned down face, with natural brows and nude, peachy lips. You can create your own liner with a holographic shadow on a sticky base, like Benefits’ High Beam highlighter or pop over to Clicks and get your hands on the NYX holographic eye pencil.


Kick Flare Lashes: Yea, kinda like bootlegs, but for your eyes. We love how these lashes kick out to the sides, creating the illusion that your eyes are bigger and wider. It gives the perfect doe-eyed look and is perfect for long Summer days with minimal makeup – especially at the beach. Go for a natural overall look, with golden tones and a touch of bronzer. All the attention should be on your eyes!

Kick Flare lashes

Just Bitten Lips: We love this look to bits! It’s kind of like a rough ombre play on shade and color, but for your lips. Dab a raspberry red in the center of your bottom lip and give the rest a swoosh over with your favorite gloss. The point is not to blend it all in, but to keep the focus on the bottom lip.

Just Bitten

Inner Eye Glitter: Last season we were all about full-on glitter lids or under eye glitter for eye make up. It was fun and inspired by festival aesthetics. What we found this year, and especially on the runway is either a great smokey eye, or a super nude lid with glitter accents in the inner corners of the eye. It is beautiful and perfect for long Summer days. Applied correctly, your glitter will stay put all damn day girl!

Glitter Eyes


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