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How To Style: Bold Prints

"The bold print. You' re either terrified of it or you're fearless with it".

The bold print. You’re either terrified of it or you’re fearless with it. Mixing and matching the right patterns and tones take skill and as stylists, we are here to share our style advice when it comes to this tricky trend. Here are some of our favorite ways to style the trend.

Nude Will Save The Day: No matter how crazy your print selection gets, pull it together with a classic nude heel, tailored nude coat or even a great nude clutch. This is your saving grace right now, so be conscious of how the colour spectrum works when it comes to deceiving the eye in either toning colours down or turning them up.

Glam Radar

Find The Common Denominator: Choose a key colour that you can repeat. Ensure the colour is repeated throughout your pattern selection and you’re good to go. We love the colour repeated in accessories and jewellery too.

Bold Patterns WCIA

Immerse Yourself: Why tease yourself with minimal pattern-play,  if you can just go all out in a bright, super, maxi dress. We love this look below paired with minimal accessories and classic sandals. We’d throw on a cropped denim jacket and our favourite sunnies, with a classic tote to make this look complete.


Monochrome: You can pretty much use as many different prints as you desire, if you keep it all in one colour zone. A classic monochrome always works well, but play with other colours if you can get them to match perfectly. Opt for a bright heel in red or yellow to make the look pop.

Monochrome Print

One Theme: As with monochrome, choosing one theme, like florals, stripes or even plaid is a good way to keep your look pulled together. Find prints that are similar in detail, play with layers and pair it with a beautiful shoulder chain-bag to complete the boho feel.




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