An Open Letter To The Local Blog Who Copies Our Content.

Congratulations. You did it. You managed to use someone else’s ideas, regurgitate their themes and topics by changing a word here and there, bought a few followers and now you’re a top blogger too. So you have a bit more time on your hands because being a full-time mom and wifey makes life so easy, when all you have to do is look at blogs like ours all day and just spit out your “own” version of pretty much every single thing we post. The only difference between us,  is that you’ve added a few boring articles to throw anyone off who may investigate this. Good job.

This is not our first rodeo with unoriginal fashion parasites. We’ve had local magazines follow then unfollow us on social platforms, only to find content frightfully similar to ours weeks later. It would be great if their editors actually knew this, but like Coco Chanel said; “If you’re going to be original, be prepared to be copied”.

If your unethical behaviour continues (which is usually synonymous with bloggers who don’t know shit about the first rules in journalism) we will be delighted to compare notes for our readers, but that might embarrass you and we’re not really here to defame anyone. We love the way you’ve created your “own” versions of our How To Style, Trend Watch and Shop The Trend sections – shit, you even use the same designers and websites as us.

We just didn’t sell out by cluttering our page with lame adverts and pride ourselves in never-ever doing that. We worked way too hard to advertise someone else’s brand on our platform – and that is called loyalty to your brand, which we doubt you know anything about.

Here is something for you to read, which you will because this post scared the shit out of you. We want to thank you for the compliment and wish you well in prying on other original blogs to make yours worth something. We’ll be watching.