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Don’t Be Mean Behind The Screen

"False identities, unlimited accounts on socials and the inability to trace someone is scary as fuck.".

Two days after the New Year was celebrated by people the world over, a 14-year-old model from Australia, Amy Everitt, committed suicide. According to her family, it was due to the long, tormented abuse from cyber bullies. Now, we’re not sure if you now, but this happens mostly to women – by other women. You’d think with the spike of interest in feminist discourse over the last few years, young women are growing up to see the mistakes their sisters before them made. Like, we have a chance to make things right, but that is not what we’re seeing. We’re seeing girls growing their armpit hairs, protesting at slutwalks, wearing “the future is female” T’s and gender neutral approval, but what we don’t see is the love for each other. Cyberbullying is an evident symptom of a broken society and a clear view of the distorted way in which women perceive themselves and others. It is considered the new violence against women, and honestly, we’re so fucking sick of it.


We here at the WCIA news desk have a personal experience with cyberbullying so this feature could not have come at a better time. Women are using online platforms to emotionally manipulate other women, and guess what? This is not what womanhood is about. It’s women with these psychological cripples that give our resilient race a bad fucking name. If women could just stop trippin’ over their sisters’ success in love, family and career – this shithole called earth would be a much nicer place, but it’s not, and you’re to blame cyberbully.

Cyberbullying is also one of the most challenging things to persecute. False identities, unlimited accounts on socials (so you can never block a bitch) and an inability to trace someone is scary as fuck. All we can do is fight with love. Let’s educate and enlighten ourselves. Let’s love and protect each other. Here is our Cyber Bullying 101 and we hope this will give you some insight into the ugly mind of a cyber bully. And if you are a victim  #SpeakEvenThoughYourVoiceShakes.

Cyberbullies bully because of misguidedness and superficiality. They’re unhappy with their personal lives and need to take it out on someone. Bullies bully for three simple reasons:

Jealousy:  When women are jealous of you, an inner evil is invoked. They will attempt to  defame, harass and discredit you with every chance they get.

Insecurity: Bullies are often lacking something crucial in their lives and they seek pain in others, so do not fill this void for them by giving them a reaction.

Intimidation: You are something they can never be or doing something they can never do. Hatred and envy sets in and the bullying begins.


According to World Pulse, bullying can take the form of mean text messages or emails, rumors and lies sent by email or posted on socials, embarrassing and degrading information, pictures, video, and in most cases fake profiles. 

You’re a victim, so what now:

Just keep doing what you do best! Bullies get angry when they see their actions are futile. They are obviously not a fan of your progress, and your reaction is exactly what they are looking for. Instead, document everything and seek help from friends, family and authorities.

Cover by Who Cares, It’s Art*

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