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Rodarte’s SS18 Collection Is Everything

Once in a while, we get totally blown away by a collection. Rodarte showed their SS18 collection at Paris Couture Fashion Week on Sunday, and we can’t get enough of it. Nymph-like models drenched in delicate details and metallic textures immersed in pastels, stole our hearts and whisked us away to a magical wonderland. Kate and Laura Mulleavy make up the Southern California sister team, who is giving European designers a damn good reason to pay attention.


The designers have turned to Paris to move away from their ready-to-wear-collections and also says the reason for doing so, is because creativity in fashion is in constant flux in the States, which in return stifles their creative processes. Kate says “Ultimately a process should fuel creativity, not hamper it. And that’s another reason why we have come to Paris. France treats fashion as art; it just isn’t like that in America. Just spending time in this city, being part of it, is a reminder that enjoying new experiences fuels your best ideas and designs. Your imagination can totally come alive.”



Amid the cloisters of a 17th-century Parisian abbey (where the show was held) the sisters proved the artistic force behind their Couture collection. They immersed the garments in what the sisters describe as  “delicate, couture-esque beading and lacework that was another leitmotif of the collection”.




All images by Lillie Eiger*


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