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The Trendiest Sunglasses This Season

"..the cat-eye has evolved into a true classic".

It’s that one magical accessory that transforms any outfit into a great one. You know the look: that lady at the airport with her all-black yoga pants and sweater ensemble, she turns around and BOOM slays with killer sunnies and a tote bag to die for. Who needs make-up when you have shades that ooze style anyway?! These are our top picks for the season.

Coloured Lenses: These brighlty coloured shades are a great alternative to your standard dark lenses. We love them because they brighten up the face and is perfect for your weekends out and about in the city. Rock them with a bright lipstick in a contrasting colour.

Tinted Lenses
Style Co


Oversized Aviators: If you have the jaw line for it, we say go get a pair! The oversized aviator looks great as a statement piece. Rock a lightly tinted one on cloudy days or party with them all night long – either way you’ll be getting serious shade envy.

Street Style

Linda Farrow


D Frames: Made popular by the Kardashian clan, these sunglasses are classic and will remain fashionable for years. The solid black frame means business and it looks great paired with your favourite office ensemble or behind the wheel on a warm Winter ‘s afternoon.


Olivia Palermo



Cat Eyes: From exaggerated versions to subtle ones, the cat-eye has evolved into a true classic. Made popular in the 50s and 60s, this stylish frame has decades of fans who can guarantee life is more exciting with a cat-eye! Choose one that compliments your face shape and play around with fun colours and shape variations.

Cat Eyes.jpg

Pop Sugar


In Circles: Back in the day, simple round spectacles referenced the intellectuals of the 20s and 30s. By the 60s, the youth played a large part in resurrecting the round shape and the idea was to reuse and repurpose vintage spectacles from the flea market or their grandparents’ – we love this anti-consumerism idea . Today the shape is more popular than ever and seen in collections from Gucci and Prada to Chloe and Versace.


Styled To Fashion

Dolce & Gabanna



Cover image CHANEL*


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