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The Fashionista’s Guide To Feeling Happier In An Instant

"Choose a matte lipstick for lasting colour and kiss your problems goodbye"!

It’s officially the middle of the year and there can be a lot of strain on your mind, body and soul. Just as you’ve gotten over all the stresses of the new year, you have to prep for the craziness ahead for year-end projects. Here are our favourite tips to keep you stylin’ when you just can’t keep it together.

Drink a Glass of Aqua:  Hydrating is the most important thing you can do if you’re feeling head-achy and generally tired. Drinking water throughout the day is a must and mornings are the best time to fill on up,  as you’ve deprived your body from water for up to eight hours. You can even try fresh lemon in some hot water for a quick cleanse too. Nothing works and feels better than a hydrated brain.

Take a Nap: Ok, not  appropriate in public, but  you can totally benefit from a quick 20 minute nap. Not getting enough sleep will leave you cranky and less alert. According to sleep expert, Dr Merril Mitler, sleep services all aspects of our body such as energy balance, intellectual function, alertness and mood. Zzzzzzzzz.

Choose Salad or Just Order The Damn Pizza: Obviously, the healthier you eat, the better your mind and body will function. Try meals that are low in carbs and rich in healthy fats, because we need healthy fats to supplement brain function. According to The Attune Food Daily Digest, Omega 3 and saturated fats regulate hormones, therefore are vital for health and energy levels. If it’s been one of those days, we’re gonna go ahead and say “just order a pizza”! Feel-good food is called feel-good food for a reason. Just remember that too many carbs will make you feel sluggish, so choose your timing right or you may be falling asleep at your desk or even worse, on a date.



Five-Minute Yoga: Some basic breathing techniques or even just a gentle stretch can help with tension, both physically and emotionally. Breathing helps you calm your mind and the extra oxygen helps your blood circulate more efficiently. A quick yoga sesh (we’re not joking when we say a five -minute salutation will do the trick) can help with general stiffness and muscle tension.

Wear Your Favourite Graphic T: Not in the mood to say it, then throw on a shirt that does! A graphic T with your favourite illustration or mantra  will make your day when you’re just not in the mood to communicate or smile.


Graphic T

Go Red: Nothing beats a good red lipstick when you’re feeling down. It instantly gives you the confidence you need to take on any task. Choose a matte one for lasting colour and kiss your problems goodbye!

Go Read Your Fav Fashion Blog: Yes, come straight back here for all the fashion news and inspiration you need. Reading is a wonderful way to distract your mind from over-thinking. Occupy yourself with things you love an you’ll soon forget what was getting you so down, down down.

Think Positive Thoughts: We cannot control what happens in our world, but we can control how we think about it. When a negative thought enters your mind, acknowledge it, but forget about it just as quickly. Our minds love playing with our emotions, so don’t let one bad thought mess up your entire day. Love yourself always.


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