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Fashion Trends For Your Sign

"You don't really follow trends and you are always the first to discover something new".

That’s right, we took to the stars. Your zodiac sign is a great source of information when  trying to find your personal style and these trends are just perfectly aligned for you!

Aquarius: Intellectual and the true visionaries of this world. Your style is a direct representation of you are in essence. You don’t really follow trends, give zero fucks  and you are always the first to discover something new.  Fuse your style with super current trends (nudge, nudge follow the blog and you’ll always know what they are) with classic, textured statement pieces.


Gemini: Your naturally adaptable attitude gives you a head start when it comes to personal styling. You have the ability to try many trends at once, and we kinda hate you for that. Gemini people are many-sided, quick-witted and brimming with energy. Experiment with lots of textures and styles and you will never feel out of place.


Libra: Your diplomatic and graceful personality calls for stylish and comfortable. You are able to see things from another person’s point of view and you always wanna make things right. Your call for duty uniform can easily include an on-trend cape jacket and tailored shirt. It looks great paired with skinnies and killer heels.


Scorpio: PVC is what you’re really craving. The dark and dangerous Scorpio will feel sexy in anything black and shiny. Invest in a great pair of high-heeled patent/leather or PVC thigh-high boots. You’ll never wanna be caught without them. Shop the trend here and find more style advice on thigh-high boots.


Cancer: Sensitive and nurturing. Your style is often muted, but by far the most feminine of all. A slip dress is a must-have for you this season, as it shows your intimate, sophisticated side. Pair your dress with a great denim jacket or in fact, any jacket – It really brings the look together.


Pisces: You live in two worlds – the actual planet and then in your spiritual world. You have a calm demeanour, but your imaginative personality gives you so much to experiment with in fashion. Feminine and flowing, you can easily rock the wide-legged trouser trend. It looks great paired with a cropped jacket.


Virgo: The thinker. Your calm and collected exterior allows you to experiment with classic trends like monochrome.  This muted trend might even help you sooth your sometimes intense mind, and damn, you’ll look good while analyzing everything!


Taurus: You have a classic and uncluttered sense of style. You know how to put an outfit together like a pro and your solid and persistent attitude helps in every way. You’re super generous and you love spending on good quality pieces. Your love for pumps will never die and you’re always caught in a great pair. A great silky blouse adds to your femininity and grace.


Capricorn: Your ambitious attitude always has you pursuing your wants and needs. You crave a fulfilling live and that naturally stems into your dressing style. The midi skirt is a great trend that represents your patients and meticulous planning. We love it in all styles, from micropleats to circle skirts! Get tips on styling your midi skirt.


Leo: The spotlight is yours baby! The lion is a great suited symbol that reflects your honorable and devoted attitude. The fur vest is a killer statement piece that you’ll wear with ease and confidence. You’ll love it paired with a graphic T, BF jeans and strappy heels.


Aries: Your strong personality directly influences your personal style. Being as self-orientated as you are, you naturally seem to leave a good impression wherever you go! Experiment with bold prints and tailored garments that accurately describe your personality.


Sagittarius: Your great attitude fused with energy and creativity allows you to be unconventional in the ways you dress yourself. Always ready for an adventure, you need to stay relatively comfortable, and with a great bod like that,  you can’t go wrong with a basic skinny or straight leg and a on-trend silk bomber jacket.


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