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Six Killer Trends From Coachella

"The festival is notorious for showcasing trendy and totally bizarre style, hair and make-up".

The coolest two-weekend desert music festival has a magical way of bringing  the brightest stars, inta-famous celebs and other cool kids together like no other of its kind. With stars like Lady Gaga, Lorde, Radiohead and Kendrick Lamar headlining, who wouldn’t want to make the effort to go and be seen!? The festival is notorious for showcasing trendy and totally bizarre styles, hair and make up.  Let’s see how these measure up to our 2017 Trend Forecast. Here are our faves.

Glitter, Face Gems and Dots: Totally huge. Glitter packed onto roots and eyebrows, face gems on cheekbones and under the eyes and dots outlining eyebrows were legit the top trend during the festival.

Glitter Cheecks

Bright Liners: We love the graphic lines and bold colours seen on many fashionable festival goers this year.  Primary colours with neon accents were seen creatively applied to lids and brows.

Bright Liner

Braids, Like: It makes total sense to have your hair in cute braids throughout the festival. Hair won’t knot and it’s super convenient. Many braided ensembles were accompanied by glitter and gave a fresh feel to the Kardashian-famous look.

Glitter Hair

Natural Faces: The perfect time to rock your tinted moisturizer. Natural faces were seen everyday during the festival and we love it. Dab your favourite tinted lip balm on your lips, apply your favourite SPF and you’re ready to spend all day under the sun.

Glamour mag

Space Buns: These 90s inspired buns are going nowhere this season. Still strong at its game, we’re too grateful this trend is still making headlines at Coachella. It’s a stylish way to get your hair outta your face ND show off your gorgeous festival skin.

Space Buns One

OTT Sunnies: Duh, your accessory of choice at any festival. The bolder the better and experiment with interesting patterns and designs. Florals and lightly tinted lenses were all over the place and we suggest you invest in one this season!

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 19.22.53

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