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Get Your Make Up To Last Like A Pro’s

If you love experimenting with make up, you’ll know that if there is any need you want your make up products to fulfill, it is to last and to last long.  Whether it’s for day or night, these tips should help you get through without too much touching up.  It is important to note that some products purely don’t have long lasting quality,  so shop around and don’t be shy to splurge on make up. It goes on your face after all and you obviously want the best for those peachy cheeks!

Primer: It’s important to start with a clean face, so after you wash, tone and moisture, apply a modest amount of primer on the face with a soft sponge or foundation brush. You can totally use your fingers too, but use your ring fingers to blend the primer into the skin. Too much primer won’t allow your foundation to settle, and too little won’t allow for even application of foundation later. A good primer has the ability to hide enlarged pores and blur imperfections like a Photoshop tool.

Lasting Foundation with SPF: Invest in a foundation that not only has an SPF but also has a long lasting effect. Visit your closest make up stand and ask for a demo if you are unsure about the feel and type of foundation your skin needs. The SPF is a must for daytime make up and many brands offer this added protection.



Powder: A pressed powder is great for setting your foundation and making sure your look stays in place. Take a flat powder puff and press the puff onto the compact powder. Transfer and press the powder puff gently onto the skin. Start with a little and don’t over-do it, or your skin will end up looking cakey.  You can also dust loose translucent powder over your face with a powder brush, if you prefer a lighter feel. Powder will ensure your make up stays in place.

Matte Lips: Matte lipsticks are probably our favourite long-lasting product. With its strong pigments and non-drying, creamy textures, this shine-free look is not only super trendy,  but also the ultimate staple when it comes to long lasting  make up.

Go Waterproof: If you want it to last, you’ll have to choose waterproof products, especially when it comes to your eyeliner, mascara and eye shadow.  Most popular brands offer products that are water resistant. Waterproof cosmetics are often more difficult to remove, so ensure you have a gentle eye make-up remover to use when removing the waterproof products.


Finishing Spray: Once your look is complete, finishing spray is a great product to use to set your make up. It hydrates the skin and is usually suitable for all skin types. Try to avoid finishing sprays with alcohol, as they may dry out your skin. Finishing sprays have a cooling a effect too, so it always comes in handy.

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