The Louis Vuitton X Jeff Koons Masters Collab

Earlier this week Louis Vuitton announced a new collaboration with conceptual pop artist, Jeff Koons. Koons‘ work  is synonymous with questioning the value of art. Heck, some of his first famous works were vacuum cleaners and his orange Balloon Dog is in the history books as one of the most expensive artworks ever sold. But who cares, it’s art. The point is that his works dissolve the lines between fine art and pop culture and that is a hot topic among modern and contemporary art writers and artists alike.


Experienced Vuitton has collaborated with artists from the early 2000s – take the graffiti collab with Stephen Sprouse in 2001. It is evidently becoming a popular trend for designers to get artists on board for their new collections, but what does it actually say about the designer’s creativity?


The new range takes artworks from master artists like Da Vinci, Rubens and Van Gogh and recontextualises it in a high-fashion milieu. Koons‘ signature is seen on all the accessories, along with a leather cut-out of his inflatable rabbit that was cast in steel in the late 80s. They are impeccably stylish, but some critics are saying the collection resembles something you would buy at a cheap gift shop.

Material, texture and colours were important to Koons in this range and he says he hopes the collection evokes a feeling of desire. In a recent interview Koons also said that when someone walks down the street with a Rubens Vuitton bucket bag, it will speak to humanity… Yea, um, ok.

Da Vinci

You can buy Van Gogh’s Wheat Fields or Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa in the shape of a handbag  from 28 April 2017.