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Five Things We Overheard At Fashion Week

"We heard your murmurs and stumbled across the most interesting, bizarre and flat-out hilarious conversations".

Ok so when we’re out and about at Fashion Week our eyes and ears are open. That’s right, no-one is safe. We heard your murmurs and stumbled across the most interesting, bizarre and flat-out hilarious conversations that made the whole experience so much more exciting. Here are a few things we heard during and between shows that either gave us a smirk or a huge smile, along with our interpretations.

 “Why are you second row when you’re dressed like that”? – A common mistake to make gang. The front row is usually made up of people with influence, designer’s friends and local celebs. The best dressed is not necessarily always in the front row. PS Just spotted Marion in the front row below (pink hair). Lols.

Lizmarie Richardson Photography

 “Oh my god, Chu Yan did not joke about a thousand nights” – Okay so obviously the crowd grew bored with the long show. She is such a talented designer with impeccable tailoring skills, but we agree – it was way too long. Ironically, the show was themed A Date With a Thousand Nights.

“I swear that was a replica of their last SS collection”. – Eeek! We saw it too. If a collection with a certain aesthetic sold really well (which we are totally assuming) it’s risky to re-create it in all the garments for your new collection. Changing the colours didn’t fool nobody.

 “Have you guys noticed this hierarchy between bloggers and journalists at Fashion Weeks lately”? – Let’s put this in perspective. Journalists who could not express themselves freely, without getting their publication into a censorship debacle originally started blogs. Journos had to give their opinions in a safe place – hence the blogosphere. A lot has changed since the inception of that and today you definitely don’t need a journalism degree to have a blog. Anyone with fairly good writing skills can throw a few words together. Add some killer pictures and viola – you’re a publisher! The problem is that some journalists feel they studied hard to understand the essence of being a reporter, where bloggers are caught up in world where they get credibility based on their reach, rather than on their actual ability to report on news. We say it’s a fine line. Many journalists are bloggers, but not all bloggers are journalists, so it’s important for media companies to know exactly what service they get from each. Because essentially, they are not the same.


 “YASSSS”! – Way too much of this. Probably the worst word to use when describing a garment or a model’s strut. Is that really the only word that comes to mind when describing excitement and approval? At least there were no fist pumps.

Cover image by Pixabay*

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