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Surviving Fashion Week

"Here is my best advice to survive the week and to look stylish AF while doing it".

South African Fashion Week (SAFW) starts tomorrow and it’s très important to have your things organised before the madness begins. It’s a busy couple of days and although it is one of the most glamorous weeks in the fashion industry, believe me, it gets busy and rather overwhelming at times. Shows run back to back and sometimes you don’t even have time for a quick coffee.  Analysing garment after garment as they hit the runway can leave you feeling rather exhausted – I mean, it’s colours and textures, lights, cameras, journalists, bloggers, models, insta-famous celebs…  The list goes on.

In order to prepare, here is a checklist to help you stay organised and transition easily from one show to the next. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for live tweets and stories from tomorrow!  Here is my best advice to survive the week and to obviously look stylish AF while doing it.

Outfits: A good start is to plan your outfits according to your personal style, whilst experimenting with some current trends. SAFW is all about the no-colour trend this season and although it may seem a little bizarre to ask a whole lotta creatives to dress in a certain colour, you can totally still experiment with great trends this week.  Play around with monochrome looks and include trends like sequins, painterly prints, embroidery and soft, feminine textures.


Smartphone: An obvious one, but if you are active on social media, you need your smartphone to snap quick pics and short video clips to share on your social platforms. For safety, pack your portable charger too. With all the live tweeting and snapping, your phone will without a doubt run out of battery power.


Sneakers: Feet get tired. It’s just the way it is when you’ve been on high heels all day. Your best solution is a great pair of sneakers, so get yourself a pair to give your feet a break during shows. Many fashionistas at Fashion Week don’t even bother will heels and pull off some amazing street style looks. Take inspiration from them.

Statement Jacket: A great choice for your first day. Wanna enter the show with a bang? Then consider the statement jacket, as it will most probably get you the fashion cred you deserve. Don’t forget, oversized coats and cropped jackets are huge this season. Be adventurous.

BURO 247

Camera: It’s always advisable to snap your own images at Fashion Week, but you can usually get your hands on great images directly from SAFW’s photographers – just remember to credit them. With your own images you can play around and re-image them for your publication or blog, making them unique! It’s not a bad idea to invest in a great camera.


Make Up Touch Up Kit: If you’re spending half your day at Fashion Week shows, you will most definitely need a lil’ touch up along the way. Bring the basics; a compact with a mirror and lipstick/gloss. It can get hot inside and you’ll want your kit near by to make sure your look is still perfect.

Bottled Water: Coffee will only get you that far. Water is your best friend and obvs you don’t have to cart a bottle around – order a bottle with fresh lemon wedges when you get a chance between shows. Hyde Park Corner is replete with cafe’s and restaurants for you to take a quick break from the crowd.

You can still get tickets here .

Cover image by Fashion Insider*

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