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"If you pick up on details easily and see magic in things that others don't, then this job is for you".

Whether you have a personal style blog or a newsworthy fashion blog, at some point the blog will be more that just a fun form of personal expression. The blog will grow and you’ll need to get more serious about your content. We’re not talking about choosing a domain or  a host, but rather the essential skills needed to pull off killer content.  Here are five tips to help you on your way.

A Creative Eye: Sometimes you need to see the world from another angle. In fashion this is really important. If you pick up on details easily and see magic in things that others don’t, then this job is for you. A good eye also comes in pretty handy when you’re sub editing fresh content.


Some Photoshop Flair: There is a variety of free editing software available online – personally I love PicMonkey. But you might want to get really creative and free software can limit your creativity. Try a free trial of Photoshop and see how it feels. It’s great for all your creative projects and professional photo editing needs.

Practice Your Photography Skills: This is vital. The more you practice the better. Whether it’s with your smart phone or with a great D/SLR camera, taking great quality pictures is essential for your blog’s aesthetic. Read this fun article I wrote for Gumption Magazine sharing great photography tips.


Write Strong Content: Having a solid background in journalism is not a necessity, but it will help you along your way. You don’t have to commit to a long programme – see if you can sign up for a Certificate or Diploma in Media Studies, Newswriting or even Public Relations. Consistency is key in blogging, so stay focussed on writing content and choosing visuals that are appropriate for your type of style blog.

Be A Style Guru: Your style needs to be unique to your personality. Express yourself in the way you know best. Your personal style is really important in an industry where you are judged heavily on what you’re wearing. Use current trends as inspiration to guide you along the way. Always remember that fashion can be frivolous, but style will define you forever.


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