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The Coolest Backpacks And How To Style Them

"If there's one statement piece you want to invest in this season, it's the backpack".

If there’s one statement piece you want to invest in this season, it’s the backpack. The blog first featured this timeless accessory in the Summer Fashion Essentials post, and it has become so popular, we just had to dedicate a whole post to the coolest backpacks around.

Basic Black:  The staple backpack. It’s your go-to for daily routines and getting things done! The great thing about a basic black pack is that it is easy to style with anything – from your skinnies and a basic T, to a cute dress with a textured jacket.

Denim: Probably one of my favorites right now. The worn-denim backpack is a favourite because it has an old school feel to it. But this Ferragamo takes your denim game to the next level with the chain accents and good-girl feel. Wear it with your favourite leggings and an oversized cardi to give it the grungy undertone it craves.

Work Week: Wearing your briefcase on your back is stylish and way better for your posture. The box shape allows you to carry your documents around without it getting squashed, so it’s essential to have one if that’s your game. Wear it with a midi skirt and a tailored shirt, or try it with a colourful suit. You can never have enough bags and it’s totally cool to rock a backpack and a clutch as pictured below.

Playful Cool: The return to graphic symbols on garments and animated prints is really playful and also says a lot about your über cool personality. This backpack is your statement piece, so make the best of it by keeping the rest of your look muted with monochromes and denim.

Mini Pack: Just the coolest pack around. This MCM bag rests gently in the curve of your back and is extra long, making its size just perfect for your necessities. It also gives you creative space to have other accent pieces. Dress it up with thigh-high boots and a fitted mini-dress or tone it down with a parka and your favourite sneakers.

The Classic Tan: If you’re going to choose to have just one backpack this season, then this is it. Your classic tan backpack is timeless and it adds so much character to a laid back look. It’s great for travel, especially when you’re dressed in comfy leggings and a denim jacket. It looks great with shorts in Summer, but alternate between strappy sandals and booties for a boho feel.

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