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How To Style: Dr Martens

"We love your 1461 lace-ups with a mini skirt or a great pair of denim shorts".

Just before you started hating the new cool kids for trying out your generation’s beloved Dr Martens and pulling it off mind you, you have to admit that just like me, you’re delighted to have this classic shoe back on-trend. They were the epiphany of cool in the 90s and duh,  designers use the 90s as in influence to re-contextualize contemporary fashion all the time – so I say go for it!

Vintage Girl:  A classic way to pull your 1460s off. Now available in more prints and colours than ever before, your choices are endless.  A frilly dress with soft textures and colours, team perfectly with the smooth black 1460 boots. Top it off with a great clutch and your favourite sunnies.


Prep School: Yes, sir! I  love the 1461 lace-ups with a mini skirt or a great pair of denim shorts. Style the look with a collared shirt and a school-type cardi or jersey for an extra layer to the look. Throw on a bright backpack to bring the look together.


Date Night: No heels here. The bright pink 1461 shoe looks great with graphic socks and a gorgeous skater dress. The day-time look below is so adorable and I love the monochromatic feel balanced with a pop of colour. Colour co-ordinate your make up and nails and you’ll be the cutest gal on the block.


Just Easy: Probably the coolest way to rock your Docs. A simple slip dress with your favourite Dr Marten boots has a very comfortable and casual feel. Experiment with the length of your boots – I love it with the 1490 or 1914 styles. Just add your favourite bomber!


Femme Grunge: The inspiration behind today’s post was looking at how Dr Martens have continued to be the classic go-to boot for anyone, any age. Its versatile style allows you to wear it any way you want. It looks feminine with a long gypsy skirt and a graphic T, styled with a cropped leather jacket.


Cover image by Be Lighter*


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