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Five Cute Valentine’s Day Looks

"Sometimes a movie and a trip to the ice cream parlour is as romantic as it gets".

We know some of you absolutely despise the consumerism evoked by Valentine’s day, but it aint’ reason enough not to get all dressed up! Whether you’re hanging with your girl gang or out on the town with your hot new date, we totally see Valentine’s day as another day to dress like you mean it. We adore these looks…

Casual Cool: Sometimes a movie and a trip to the ice cream parlour is as romantic as it gets. For this old-fashioned date, we recommend your favourite jeans and a feminine shirt or blouse. Pair it with trendy flats and a shoulder bag to die for.


Black Magic: Perfect for the night out at a five-star restaurant sipping on your favourite champagne. We adore the all-black vixen look, coupled with a sparkly clutch and black  pumps or booties.


Floral Wonderland: Florals are a great feminine addition to any look you’re going for. Go for a floral midi dress that you can pair with a great cropped jacket or try a floral blouse with a muted, tailored pair of slacks.


Girl Gang: Hanging with your favourite gals is a perfect Valentine’s day date. Indulge in pizza and beer and look comfy while doing it. Opt for your favourite tights paired with a graphic T, nude sneakers and a trendy backpack to pull your look together.


Suit It Up: Suits can look oh-so feminine, and we love the androgynous undertones behind the styled look. Try a wide legged suit with a silk blouse or skip the blouse completely and button up the jacket if you’re feeling the heat…


Cover image by Glam Radar*


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