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The Best Make Up Trends In 2017

"Make up trends are quite muted this season, and we want to see those gorgeous freckles, girl"!

We absolutely love the return to natural looks in 2017. Soft tones, moisturised skin and a fresh, dewy look is just perfect to embrace after the holidays. Your sun-kissed skin is still glowing and those few extra freckles look just perfect, so you can just as well show it off a little. Glossy lips and untamed brows will have you feeling and looking more relaxed than ever.

Here are our favourite make-up trends for 2017.


No More Contouring. Thank goodness! Strobe effects with contrasting bronzers and blush is what 2017 is all about.

Do Blush. Blush products are massive this year. Influenced by  80s make-up techniques, the look calls for a whole ‘lotta colour on the cheeks blended into the hairline and temple.

All Natural Skin. Sunscreen is your new foundation and you better indulge in a few good ones. Make up trends are quite muted this season, and we want to see those gorgeous freckles, girl!



Untamed Brows. Instead of  hard lines defining the brow shape, a more relaxed approach is super trendy at the moment. We’re talking about a gentle brow sweep with your fav brush,  sealed with a clear eyebrow gel.

Up In Smoke. Edgy graphic lines are here to stay! Forget the blending brush until next season. Winged liner is just the beginning, so try to experiment with graphic lines in different colours.

Metallics. Metallic eye make up with a liquid feel was seen at all major shows as the year drew to an end in 2016. Fuse metallics with edgy lines for an updated look.



Glossy. High-shine lips are back. We totally love matte products and their ability to stay put all night, but glossy lips are all over the runways. Time to get your Lip Smackers out – and lots of it…

Shimmer and Shine. Glitter pouts are not just for bellydancers anymore. Dab your favourite glitter on the centre of your lips or go full-out by covering the lips in glitter completely. A little shy? Try  a moisturising glitter lipstick with limited glitter.

No More Berries. A rather muted approach to lip colours are back. Think soft pinks and nudes with subtle hints of shimmer.


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