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2017 Trend Forecast

"Probably our favourite trend of 2017 - Philosophy Di Lorenzo and Chloe both showcased a collection inspired by doll-like clothing".

The new year is in full swing and the time has come for us to have a look at all the great trends to expect this year – well, at least for the next three months. In a fast fashion world, it’s difficult at times to forecast trends for the whole year, so we like to take a slow-fashion approach, with luxury items that have a tendency of staying on the radar a bit longer than your fast fashion-type trends and accessories.

Having said that, we’ve searched the interwebs for our favourite new trends and felt rather disappointed when we realised many sites and forecasters are just regurgitating what we knew in 2016 already. We observed and scrutinised every couture and ready-to-wear 2017 show and today we share what’s really cooking in the style pot for 2017.

Painterly Prints: We saw beautifully paint-like inspired prints at both Celine and Valentino‘s most recent shows. Bring on the abstract pattens, cause we’re all for it!


Goodbye Pastels: We totally adored the limited pastel trend in 2016 and it can totally still be worn, but there has been a contrasting shift in colour. Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta showcased garments in bright pinks and yellows in their latest collections.


Origami Inspired Cuts: Marni and Jill Sander both found inspiration in origami type techniques for their 2017 collections. It’s contemporary and we love it!


Sleeveless Sweaters/Pull Overs: Preppy has always been cool. Gucci and Michael Kors proved that once again in their latest collections. We love the bright colours paired with the printed garments.


Hoods Like: Paco Robanne and Hood by Air brought sexy back during their SS 2017 collections. We love a good hood paired with great sunnies and your favourite jeans.


Undies Over: OK, not exactly your lace panties over your jeans, but it’s eccentric and a reason to experiment with fashion this season. Kenzo, Prada and Alexander McQueen all expressed elements of this exciting trend.


Dolls Do It Better: Probably our favourite trend of 2017. Philosophy Di Lorenzo and Chloe both showcased a collection inspired by doll-like clothing. Soft pinks, frills and lace textures caressed the models with hints of silver, pearl and gold.


Cover image by W Magazine*


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