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Top Party-Season Beauty Trends

"We have collected some of our favourite trends from our favourite designer shows in 2016".

In 2016 we saw beauty trends that made us cringe and a few that made us go; “It’s about time”. Our party season trend inspirations started on the runway and we have collected  some of our best trends from our favourite designer shows in 2016.

Glitter Hair: Oh my God – GLITTER! We love it on our lips (see our Instagram), we love it on our bodies and we love it in our hair! Play around with fun colours this party season. Ombre the effect for New Year’s Eve or cover up those holiday roots. Ad some glitter to your sticky styling products and apply it to your hair with a colour brush or delicate paint brush.


Coffin Shaped Nails: Something you should probably leave to a professional, but it is possible to create your own. We love the shape in pastels and nudes. Rock it with your favourite hand jewellery.


Uber Dark Lips: Pouts out! We love dark lips in shades of blue and purple, but experiment with any colour that suits your skin tone. Dark reds work well too, and if you have the lips for it, go ahead and show off your glossies in shades of dark greys and browns.


Rainbow Hair: It has My Little Pony written all over it! We love this look and if your stylist can do it, go for it! There are tons of tutorials online to help you do your own, but you will probably need a helping hand to separate the hair and colour the individual strands. We love this editorial.


Bright Eye Liner: You didn’t think we would forget about the eyes, did you!? We love bright liners, especially on the waterline, but play around with bright liner on your lids, or alternate your black, winged, cat-eye with a bright yellow or pink for the party season!


Cover image by Vogue Ukraine*

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