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POP UP SHOPPING featuring The Hive

"Designer Jade finds her inspiration in nature, interesting textures and the little details around us".

The only thing better than Fashion Week is buying the clothes you’ve been dreaming about for six months. Sometimes we forget how privileged we are to see a new design come down the runway – we’re the first to see the designer’s vision come to life and that is pretty special.  Last night was South African Fashion Week‘s (SAFW) POP UP launch event at Brooklyn Mall. The perfect venue for a POP UP fashion spree and it’s so refreshing to have some style action in Pretoria. The garments on sale we first saw in April during the SS collections at SAFW, so it was great to interact with designers and talk about their aesthetic inspirations and what we can expect next season.

The blog was invited by Jade Saunders, designer and owner of The Hive Fashion. We’re smack in the middle of Summer, so getting a chance to see her hand-painted garments and stylish aesthetic was a treat for the senses. Designer Jade finds her inspiration in nature, interesting textures and the little details we seem to overlook around us. With a flair for resort wear and swimwear, Jade’s aesthetic is uncluttered and ultra-modern. She is also one of the few local designers who is featured regularly in top fashion magazines like Glamour SA and Grazia. Her work has been featured on Top Billing and her garments have rocked the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival too. It’s pretty obvious – we know a talent when we see one, and The Hive is the brand you want in your closet right now! It’s a Summer babe’s ultimate look.


Some other favourites we got to see last night was Judith Atelier‘s SS collection up close. Still one of my favourite designers, Judith is a conceptual artist in her own right. We also looked at the incredible HLAMVU‘s Afrocentric designs and jewellery,  Found Collection‘s play with texture (check our SNAP story for this), LUMIN‘s minimalistic clothing line and Tailored Resurrection‘s sassy women’s wear that has the ability to hug you in all the right places. Jewellery by Cowry Web was our favourite – we love the handcrafted appeal and the fusion of soft and hard textures and materials in her designs. At Fashion Week, the accessories do take a backseat, so it’s great to see the details up close, as they are after all, the little things that bring the garment together.




Last night’s event also revealed the Brooklyn Face of Fashion models, and it is exciting to see the industry in South Africa grow with developments on all levels in fashion. SAFW has become a home for talented designers, models, creatives and so much more.

Catch us at SA Fashion Week in March 2017.

Cover Image courtesy of The Hive Fashion * 



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