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How To Style: The Slip Dress

"Couple your dress with killer shades and a contrasting clutch or trendy backpack".

The slip dress is without a doubt this summer’s best trend! It’s light and airy, keeping you cool and looking sophisticated all season. It pairs great with so many different styles, making it easy for anyone to personalise and wear it the way they feel suits their style. Here are some of our favourite ways to style the slip dress.

1. Just Like That. Our favourite way to wear the slip is just like that, on its own. With temperatures soaring, it’s also probably the best way to wear it. We love it in short styles as pictured below, but it looks great no matter what length your slip dress is. Pair it with great booties and your favourite chain bag.

2. Easy Breezy. We love the slip dress styled in a super casual way. The classic black slip paired with sneakers and a sweater looks great on any day. Couple your dress with killer shades and a contrasting clutch or trendy backpack.

3. Something Under. We love the idea of wearing your slip dress with a fitted tank top or even with a long-sleeved sweater underneath. It looks great paired with sneakers for a streetstyle feel or even with heels and graphic socks to give it a 70s undertone.

4.Belted. You can totally rock your slip dress with a great belt if you want to accentuate your waist. We adore it with a double studded belt or even with a wide leather belt with a great buckle.

5. Something Over. We love our slip dresses with a great denim jacket or in fact, any jacket! It really brings the look together and is a great way to take you dress from day-cool to evening sass. Accessorize with bold jewellery and you’re ready to go!


Cover by August Style Diary* 


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