Shop The Trend: Scream Queens

It’s officially Halloween, and we’re so delighted to share our top trends from our favourite Chanels! You have to agree, the stylists on this show are in a league of their own, and we can only take inspiration from such a stylish crew. Earlier this month we looked at new trends from New York Fashion Week, and we are including some of these here – as they are definitely making appearances in this season of Scream Queens. Honestly,  it’s outfits you’d  die for.  Happy Halloween!


1. Fendi Fur Sandals

2. Sequined Dress

3. Elizabeth and James Sunnies

4. Faux Fur Coat

5. Tote Bag

6. Polka Dot Socks

7. Mosaic Watch

You can catch Scream Queens (Season Two) on Fox Africa – Wednesday Nights at 9pm