Summer Fashion Essentials

I’m just going to say it. Summer is here and we could not be happier. With long summer nights ahead, breezy afternoons and cool-downs in rooftop pools, we know it’s going to be a fabulous few months. Today we’re looking at our fav Summer essentials that you simply cannot go without.

1. Statement Sandals: Your best friend this Summer. Invest in a great pair that you can show-off when the occasion calls! We love strappy sandals with furry details. Experiment with heels and flats, but we know you’ll love a bright heel this Summer.


2. Denim Mini: We recently did a piece on how to style your denim and it became obvious that the denim mini is taking over Summer. Forget the shorts baby, we want minis! We want them ripped, we want them short, we want them now!


3. Round Shaped Sunnies: If you’re a loyal follower on the blog, you will know that sunglasses are our favourite accessory. Experiment with fun, rounded shapes this season. We love graphic sunnies as pictured below and sunglasses with prints and rose gold tints.


4. The Slip Dress: A must-have in your closet this Summer. Its feminine touch will have you feeling all breezy. It’s also a great piece that can go from day to night with a simple change of shoes and accessories.


5. Bright Backpacks: We saw the backpack make a return last summer and it’s not going to go away any time soon. With subtle 90s remnants, we love the backpack in bright colours and added textures. Think Fendi.


Cover image by Wear Lex*

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