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How To Style: Denim

The classic, all-time favourite, go-to problem solver of all. Hail Denim. The one trend that seems to morph its way into every new fashion style hitting us season after season. Whether it’s your jeans, worn-out jacket (from usage not Jeezy), shorts or that bitchin’ mini skirt, your denim items are treasures for so many reasons. Here is a look at our favourite ways of styling denim like a pro.

1.Rock ‘n Roll. Definitely one of the best ways to wear your denim. It’s edgy and an alternative to your traditional blues. Rock dark tones in torn skinnies and a killer leather jacket.


2. The Flare Up. A cheeky way to wear your denim. Flared pants made a come-back last Summer and will stick around for Summer 2017. Isn’t that great news?! The flared denim looks great when styled in an all-denim ensemble. Try it with a graphic T and denim jacket.


3. Dresses. They look pretty and depending on how you style it, you can wear it during the day or for a casual evening event. We love tailored dresses in dark denim.


4.Beach Patrol. Those toned legs need a best friend, and your daisy dukes are it! Of course you can wear your shorts at any length, but we love a short pair or denim mini coupled with oversized shirts and cardigans. It’s a great look for your weekend shenanigans. Add a great saddlebag and vintage inspired sunnies to complete your look.


5. Contemporary Denim. It’s a very nouveau way of showing off your love for denim. We love the contemporary tailoring worn as a shirt or one-piece. Style it with classic leather accessories – think skinny waist belts and a fab clutch in nude and earthy tones.


 *Cover image via EOnline


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