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How To Style: The Bomber Jacket

"The ways to style the bomber vary and really depend on the type of look you're going for".

This 90s trend has been making headlines for a while now, and has proven to be an item that can either make or break your outfit. The ways to style the bomber vary and really depend on the type of look you’re going for. Some street style fundis choose oversized puffy bombers, where others opt for a shorter, fitted or even ribbed bomber – like this gorgeous Oscar de la Renta bomber featured earlier this year. Here are our favourite ways to wear the notorious bomber this season.

1: With your midi. Not the conventional way of wearing your bomber, but a stylish way no doubt. Pair your bomber with a great midi skirt that compliments the colours in your bomber. You can wear the bomber zipped up, open or even over the shoulders for a relaxed look. View our Midi Skirt style advice.


2: Keep it simple. Nothing shows off a bomber jacket more than an all-black, sleek, skinny pant ensemble. Couple your skinnies and bomber with a graphic T or collared blouse, sporty sneakers, your fav shoulder bag and of course, some on-trend sunnies.


3: Glam it up. The sporty nature of the bomber allows you to fuse some fancy fabrics in to the mix. Try lace or even sequins to add some pizzazz to your outfit. If you’re lucky enough to own one – go for a full-on embellished or sequined bomber jacket.


4: Sport Luxe is a thing and you can just as well embrace it. Your comfy yoga pants can totally work with this look, but make sure you’re pulling the ensemble together with an eccentric bomber, great sunglasses and an overdose of jewellery to balance it out.


5: A dress is best. Sometimes, all your favourite shift dress needs to be complete, is a bomber jacket. You can even wear your bomber with a tight-fitted mini dress and a great pair of pumps. Try and pair your shift dress with thigh-high boots or even thigh-high socks and complimenting kicks.


Cover image by Sweatshirts And Dresses*

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