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How To Style: Monochrome

"The trend does not mean you can only stick to back and white..."

So you like the idea of minimalism, looking sleek and avant-garde, but how do you pull it off without looking too muted or even worse, completely hidden by the trend. Today we share our best style tips to wear the monochrome look in a modern way, with confidence.

1: Experiment with various tones of one hue. The monochrome trend does not mean you can only stick to black and white, nor does it mean all pieces should be exactly the same colour. You can play around with different shades of your favourite colour – as long as their undertones are similar.


2: Grayscale; it’s all about the in-betweeners. An all-gray outfit is perfect for a day-time event. Use black and white accents in your accessories to make the look pop, and pair it with a clutch or shoulder bag to round off.


3: Try different patterns or materials in similar colours. The contrast of patterns or materials in the same colour is a modern way to give the trend street style appeal. Keep your jewellery minimalistic and go for a strong statement clutch.


4: Feel like dressing your soul? Then go with an all-black ensemble. Nothing is more stylish, slimming and more attention grabbing than a well-constructed look with your basic blacks.


5: Keep it classy. A well put together black and white look is always a good idea. Pair it with a statement piece in a bright colour, your favourite sunnies and a tote for champions. It’s a classic look that will never go out of fashion.


Cover image by Paris Streetstyle





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