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How To Style: The Mini

"A symbol if liberty perhaps, but definitely a style icon..."

The mini skirt is almost 55 years old and with the likes of Mary Quaint and later Twiggy,  who are known for defining the mini skirt, women today are still feeling the love for the notorious skirt. A symbol of liberty perhaps, but definitely a style icon in terms of trends. Here are our top tips for styling the mini skirt.

1: Go traditional. The denim mini is probably our favourite go to in Summer, but is also versatile enough to wear throughout the year. Pair it with a graphic sweater and your favourite cat-eye sunnies, a great tote and minimal accessories.


2: Choose an interesting pattern or material. The best way to show off your mini is choosing a bright coloured, patterned or even a textured mini to accentuate the skirt. Throw and a neutral T-Shirt or cardi and pair it with a great shoulder bag and creepers, or lace up dress shoes as pictured below.


3: Balance is key. Couple a super short mini with an on-trend, long coat. It’s a great way to show the diversity of the skirt. It’s very sophisticated and one way to style the mini without fault.


4: Keep it edgy with knee-high socks. It looks great worn with booties (flats or heels) and even with your favourite sneakers. Choose your favourite beanie and a cross-over bag and you’re ready to go!


5: Tricky, but totally doable. If you’re brave enough to show off your killer legs and toned abs at once, then you deserve to rock the mini skirt with a crop top. Choose a skater mini skirt for flare (pun intended) and pair it with a great clutch or a backpack.


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Cover Image by Noblack Belgium


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