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How To Style: Sequins adventurous and ad a pop of colour with your clutch, shoes or sunglasses.

Sequins can be so glam if worn correctly and confidently. The last thing you need is to look like a disco ball that fell from an 80s nightclub ceiling. The great thing about shimmering sequins is that you can pair it with your favourite casual items to ensure  you’re not over-doing it. Bloggers including myself have fallen head over heels for the trend – look how I wore this sequined skirt at South African Fashion Week SS16.

1: Pair a sequinned pants or midi skirt with a graphic T, bright heels and a killer clutch. Don’t forget your favourite sunnies to keep the shimmers from blinding you.


2: A heavily embellished sequined coat is hard to come by, but if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one, wear it as a statement piece. Pair it with muted prints and a great skirt.

Lauren Messiah

3: Sequined maxi skirts are great! You can wear them with cosy sweaters or a great blouse. Tone it down with sneakers or metallic flats.


4: Work the glam. If you’re brave enough to wear a few trends in one outfit, try sequins with a dress pants and an oversized fur jacket.  No need for jewellery if you’re looking this amazing, but be adventurous and add a pop of colour with your clutch, shoes or sunglasses.

Kindred Beauty

5:  Pair a heavily sequined sweater or jacket with your favourite skinnies and killer pumps. Keep your accessories tame, as you can easily look over the top with too many shiny bits. A shoulder bag will go great with it!

Just The Design


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