Fashion Trend Watch

Top Trends To Watch

Fashion Week recently wrapped up in Sydney, Australia and its time to update my trend forecast. Although many trends are still very relevant, like sequins, florals, stripes and sport luxe, it’s also time to embrace a new wave of style that will take us all the way to holiday season and beyond. With my eye on luxury fashion brands, here are some trends we can expect during the next few months.

Velvet – How more 90s can we get?

ralph lauren velvet
Ralph Lauren

Glossy Coats – In structured, patent leather.

Tommy-Hilfiger Glossy Coat
Tommy Hilfiger

Embroidery – Yes, more 70s.

Gicci emb

Boho – The trend is not going anywhere!

anna sui
Anna Sui

Granny Chic – If it wasn’t for Iris…


Avant Garde – It’s an art thing.

Issey Miyake

Muted Prints – You don’t have to be loud.

Rebecca Taylor

Contemporary Tailoring – For the eccentric at heart.

Alexander McQueen


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