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Five Ways To Prevent Losing Your Mind in 2016

It’s only January and I already feel like I need to go see my therapist. I’m not even joking. The year started off with bright prospects and wonderful ideas – oh man it just feels like a good year! But its almost like the moment you decide it will be a good year, everything else seems to go apeshit– like the universe saying “ you can have it, but it won’t be easy”!

You might get a little discouraged this year, but you need to realize that giving in, sinking low and feeling like shit is the time when the only thing you can do is try harder, be stronger, and kick whatever life is handing you, right in the face.

Stay Strong: I know it sucks. Take it from someone who was diagnosed with major depression in her early 20s. In fact, most days everything sucks for me. I’m shy and awkward and most people can’t relate to me, but I owe it to myself and the people who love me to stay strong and have enough faith to believe that I do, in fact matter.

It’s Ok To Cry: Crying plays a big part in letting go. It’s a tangible release of all those feelings building up in you and a good cry can genuinely make you feel better. Just remember number one on this list. Acknowledge those feelings, but let them go. Allow them to pass through, but don’t let them linger. Have a look at these benefits of crying.

Make Peace: Yea, beef ain’t cool. However, some people are just inclined to always have a problem and for some bizarre reason, always feel entitled to challenge anyone who doesn’t see life as they do. Make peace with these fuckers. It’s the best thing you will ever do. And Jesus would be proud of you!

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 11.50.43.png

Try Something New: Clichés, right? The last thing you want to hear when the world seems against you is someone saying you should try something new. Why on earth would you want to try something new when you are depressed? It doesn’t have to be anything major. The simple things matter; instead of a cappuccino, have a vanilla latte, or try a vegetarian dish at a restaurant, ask your friend what banting is exactly and trust me – don’t try it – you’ll hate yourself for not eating carbs in six weeks! (I’m not discrediting the diet; I’m just putting the idea of a balanced alternative out there)

Allow things to fall apart: It’s a part of life. The ebb and flow. Sunrise and sunset. Sunshine and rain. Comfort food and juicing. You get the picture. For all the highs there are probably lows. The lows don’t have to be perceived as negative, but rather a necessary agent in making space for the good things to come.

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