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Oh Ombre!

Don’t be afraid to experiment. If you love make-up, the ombre lip will be your best friend.

Ombre. This trend has been around for a while now and it all started with our hair. Now we see it in clothing, make-up and on nails. At the moment the ombre lip is huge and super styling! We’ve seen in on runways again this season and cannot get enough of it.

If you’re not too sure what we’re on about, ombre is a soft graduation of color and usually involves two colors meeting in the middle. Darker colors on the outside parts of the lips allow for a fuller lip and the lightness to the center of the mouth enhances your pout, and gives the illusion of full rounded lips. It looks great in glossy and matte, so your possibilities are endless when it comes to this trend. Don’t be afraid to experiment. If you love make-up, the ombre lip will be your best friend.

It’s a look anyone can try, whether you like dramatic and bold or simple and natural. Two tones meeting each other in the middle is what this trend is all about. Give it go and feel like a super-woman with style! We chatted to make-up artist Yowyn du Plooy who gave us a demonstration on how to create this look with dark and light colours.



  1. Moisturize lips and apply liner that matches the darkest lip color you’ll use. The moisture will avoid color bleeding and you can also apply an invisible liner around the outside of the lip to keep it neat.
  2. With your darkest lip color, apply lipstick to the outer edges of your lips and blend it towards the center of the lip. You can also use the lip liner and apply it to the corners of the lips for a more dramatic look.
  3. Apply your lighter color to the inside and work the color in to the dark color in an outwardly motion, moving away from the center of the lips. Contrasting tones from a similar color family is best for this look.
  4. Use a q-tip or lip brush to blend it in.
  5. Be awesome!

Follow make up artist Yowyn on twitter here @yowyn

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